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Coaching leaders to discover and develop their authentic leadership style and to reflect and act as the best version of themselves to increase their effectiveness, influence, and visibility as leaders.

Let me ask …

How can you learn to be a more effective, visible, and influential business owner, executive, or an aspiring leader?

How aware are you of your leadership style and how it directly impacts the strength and success of your organisation?

How can you channel this awareness in order to step into your leadership style and transform your organisation and life?

Did you know …


Percent of organisations that rate leadership as “urgent” or “important” (1)


Percent of Leaders who do not know how to motivate their team (2)


Percent of organisations who say that they do an excellent job of developing leaders (1)

(1) Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends survey (2014)

(2) Sales Health Alliance Survey (2019)

What is the solution?

The solution

Identifying, developing, and synchronising the What (skills and talents), Why (values and motivators), and How (behaviour and communication style) of your authentic and influential leadership style that will be valued by you and your organisation.

Connecting your strengths and values directly to your roles in life, and utilising the ability to make your work a direct “vehicle” for your personal Vision, Mission and Goals.

Having the clarity and confidence of knowing how and where to proceed in your life and work, and being able to articulate and explain the impact and meaning of your authentic self.

I can help

Hi, I’m Vanessa.

I understand my clients and I understand why they do the things they do (and don’t do). More importantly, I help them to stop getting in the way of their own success.

I focus on building awareness by provoking thought and purposeful action through the provision of valuable content that is specific to their story.

I use exceptional judgment and critical thinking to only focus on what is necessary, ignore what is not important, and help my clients do the same.

Our Programs


Our Personal Leadership and Team Coaching Programs are based on the scientific principles of positive psychology. They focus less on explanation and more on experience, favoring content over process.


Clients are engaged though personal development frameworks that include micro-learning (“Laser” development), interpersonal gamification, role play, and experience assessments, among others.


Content is delivered in-person, and/or via webinars, online training, and digital coaching. Delivery will be based on what the client needs in order to achieve their stated outcomes and new patterns of action.

Your outcomes and successes in your life and career are determined by the degree to which you understand how to leverage your innate talents and those of the people around you.

Personal Leadership

Clients develop critical leadership core competencies such as social intelligence, interpersonal skills, and emotional intelligence. They do this through a tailored combination of formal assessment and experience-based one-to-one coaching.

Team coaching

Clients develop team core competencies such as engagement, collaboration, awareness, and trust through exploration of interpersonal and team dynamics. They do this in order to interact more authentically with team members and in alignment with the organisational goals.

About me

Hello, I am Vanessa-Lee Doller and I help people find their leadership strength, voice, and sense of purpose. I have been inspiring and coaching people for over 20 years having led teams to personal and sales successes for large detail icons such as Tiffany, Gucci and Vodafone. I passionately coached and empowered my teams to become results-driven and successful, and to harness their confidence in order to become leaders in their own right.

I am passionate about my clients finding their deeper sense of self and specialise in identifying and developing their unique leadership style. I build awareness with my clients, ask the hard questions, challenge their imperfections, and unlock and clear the self-defeating habits, limiting self-beliefs, and blind-spots that have interfered with their ability to rise as successful and empowered leaders. Personalised programs enable my clients to step into their individual authentic leadership style so that they positively impact their life and career.

I am qualified in Retail Management and am certified in a variety of personality, leadership, and career assessment tools where I interpret and leverage the strength of qualitative and quantitative data to inform and influence client outcomes.

Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve peak leadership effectiveness by connecting leaders to their story, challenges, potential, and humanity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use positive psychology to accelerate and maximise the growth and advancement of leaders and the organisations for whom they work.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to develop our client’s authentic leadership style and capacity for conscious leadership so that they are able to have a greater impact in their careers and life.

What’s next?

If you are a business owner, executive, or an aspiring leader who is committed to developing into an authentic and influential leader and have had enough of feeling lost, overworked, frustrated and anxious, then work with me.

Together we will devise a program that incorporates formal and informal elements into your personalised development framework that are specific to your intended outcomes, goals, and objectives.

These leading-edge programs will explore your personal talents and skills inventory, workplace motivators and core values, and behaviour and communication styles, so that you will be able to operate with greater ease, confidence, and authenticity in your career and life.

After all, is this not what life is all about?

What tools do I use? …

Our choice of tools is flexible and pragmatic, but begins with the Innermetrix ADVanced Insights Analysis and Leadership Coaching Report to see exactly how you and your leadership team bring out the best in themselves and others. 

The report looks at the personal skills and thinking styles from which they draw (Attribute Index), the reasons why they choose to engage and move into action (Values Index), and the behaviour, emotion, and communication preferences that guide their interactions with others – adapted and natural (DISC Index).

This is the What, Why, and How. 

How do I know that it works?…

We qualitatively and quantitatively measure the success of our coaching engagements by agreeing upon what success looks like at the leader and organisation level, and then complete evaluations throughout the process to ensure that we are meeting agreed upon outcomes.

Coaching translates into doing, doing translates into positive impact (on self and the organisation), and this impact can be quantified and maximised.
Potential ROI?


  • Productivity 53% 53%
  • Quality 48% 48%
  • Improved Teamwork 67% 67%
  • Improved Relationship: Peers 63% 63%
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